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Representatives walk out of the contempt of congress vote on AG Holder. And?

Today: The House of Representatives voted to hold Holder in contempt of congress; didn’t know about this? [see my earlier post] When it came time for republicans to begin the voting proces, many representatives walked out in protest. These representatives were Democrats (huhh shocking) and they were led by the congressional black congress (now its interesting). Only a few democrats stayed and voted to approve the contempt charges (those same dems are from pro NRA areas and of course the NRA has a major interest in Fast and Furious gun walking). [walk out]

My Opinion: who cares…. Personally I find discussing this behavior pointless and a waste of time hence I kept the original post short and tried to keep my opinion short.

-There are bigger issues to worry about then the petty actions of these individuals; just like there were bigger things to worry about than the petty actions of this republican who shouted [you lie] during a speech by the president. Unfortunately this petty behavior has become the norm in today’s political arena. The sad fact is once executive privilege was asserted the investigation and contempt charges were rendered useless; therefore the republicans should’ve just dropped it and used this the time they wasted voting without dems, as time to debate the newly revitalized Obamacare.

-If you don’t like the way your representative is behaving then don’t re-elect them. As far as the constitution concerned they never have to be present for meetings nor when theres a call for voting. If you like and agree with the walk out then re-elect those representatives.

– Really once executive privilege was asserted the poor family of Brian Terry lost any chance for justice, truth, and closure. So the representatives should have let it go. On the same hand the president asserted executive privilege which gave Holder an out and further fueled the contempt vote thereby compelling Dems to walk out. One could use the above line of logic to say that the president who promised bring Democrats and Republicans together has failed to deliver.

By: Milton L. Jefferson


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