"Speaking truth in times of great moral conflict and universal deciet, will always be a TART mission"–TART

Reasons why I’m voting Romney/Ryan: #2 Free market/energy

  1. Free market/energy: Under this administration the free market is slowly losing its freedom. Government had forced Auto-companies to take bailout money and even went as far as to buy out GM. How does GM repay the taxpayers for their bailout dollars? GM ceo recently announced at an auto show in china that GM makes 7 out of every 10 cars in china. More to the point, for those of us American Taxpayers who have bought GM stock for ourselves, we will be forced to go to the end of the line should the gov cash in their GM stock because their stock certificates is a different class and has more privilege than that of GM employee.


President Obama has traded in the color of the hard working BLUE collar American for the color GREEN. He announced early in his presidency that his intent was to invest $150 billion in green jobs. Where are those jobs now? The president gave tax incentives for those Americans who would purchase green cars, aka trying to override competition within the free market. What competes with green cars in the market? Gas guzzling SUVs and Trucks. So here Obama tried to weed out trucks from the market and at the same time tried to help the GREEN cars win the market competition. He didn’t stop there he also pushed to take out the old form of light bulbs to a new Green light bulb aka a more expensive dangerous mercury filled light build which doesn’t even last as long and isn’t as bright as the old competitors but those things didn’t stop the dem congress from pushing to give gov money to the GREEN bulb makers.


Quite possibly the biggest slap in Americas face was Obamas choice of GREEN over the American middle class needs. What do you mean? What needs? Oh I don’t know affordable energy aka affordable utility rates and affordable gas. Canada not long ago planned to pipe a vast amount of oil to the US if the US would pay for it and build the pipeline. This pipeline eventually became known as the keystone pipeline. Instead the president did not accept Canadas offer, Canada in turn sold it to china giving china another foothold in North America. Then theres the affordable utilities. Since coming into office the president has pushed for more emissions regulation via cap and trade. Before getting elected obama said under his plan of cap and trade “utility prices would necessarily skyrocket”….. let me repeat… “necessarily”…..”Skyrocket”. Can Middle class families really afford to have their utility bills “necessarily skyrocket” in this economy? This presidents policies of cap and trade has caused coal plants to close and become crippled; Again the president expected this when he said before being elected “under my policies you can open a coal plant if you want…its just in doing so you’ll go bankrupt.” Yes this is the president who is for domestic enrgy…hmmmmm


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