"Speaking truth in times of great moral conflict and universal deciet, will always be a TART mission"–TART

The current Anti-American institution now targeting Thanksgiving

On Sunday,  MSNBC host Melissa Harris Perry delivered quite the speech to her viewers as she stated her case against the pilgrims. The very pilgrims Reagan warned would be attacked in this coming war where the socialists would aim to eradicate the American memory and with it the American spirit.

On her show Perry said, “Thanksgiving is not that simple,”……..“The kindergarten story that you learned about grateful Pilgrims and happy Indians is not even close to the historic reality of how European settlers brought violence, disease and land theft to the indigenous peoples who were already in this land long before it was discovered.” [see this clip for more]

Wow but thats not what Americans celebrate across the nation on thanksgiving. We celebrate the reuniting of family long since moved away. We celebrate Love and Charity. We celebrate the bonds that bind us together. Most of all we celebrate our national day of humility as we strive to be thankful for things we otherwise might not.

But thats America celebrating an American holiday, not Europe celebrating a European holiday. Maybe Ms. Perry sees only a nation divided not united. Maybe Ms. Perry sees only black and white, African-Americans and European-Americans. Well I for one do not see a nation divided, I am color blind, I only see Americans celebrating the American spirit together.

Let us never forget who we are,

Milton L. Jefferson


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