"Speaking truth in times of great moral conflict and universal deciet, will always be a TART mission"–TART

A Re-generation Hollywood Teen; Speaking without Fear!!!

Recently a Teenage Hollywood actor spoke out against his own show calling it “Filth”.  Why is this news worthy? Because it is shocking  Shocking that in today’s time anyone might stand on principles and morals to speak truth, that’s before you include the unbelievable facts that the someone is a Hollywood actor and a Teenager/young adult. Who is this bold Regenerationer? His name is Angus T. Jones and he is the kid star from the TV show Two and a half men. This kid became a christian at age 19 and has since found his principles conflicting with those that the show depicts. Angus calls the show filth and urges kids not to watch it, we need more young men like him standing as true examples for the next generation. Now on a personal note I don’t agree with silencing someone or some show, however I do believe that kids shouldn’t look to charlie sheen nor Ashton Kutcher as moral role models and on that facet I find I disagree with Angus. Don’t tell kids to not watch it just make sure they know its filth and that Charlie/Ashton are not men to model themselves after.

Below is a news clip of Angus as he spoke without fear,


Speak without fear,

Milton L. Jefferson


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