"Speaking truth in times of great moral conflict and universal deciet, will always be a TART mission"–TART

War on Religion: More Progressive Hypocrisy

Recently Lawrence O’ Donnell attacked Bill O’Rielly for attacking an Athiest who had attacked Christmas. Confusing right?

To begin an Atheist disputed calling the winter solace holiday Christmas and said that the U.S. Government was being unconstitutional when it showed preference to Christians. So O’Rielly went on the offensive in debating those notions with the Atheist  Then O’Donnell showed clips of O’Rielly and Pat Robertson as Atheist bashing Christians who were making up a war on Christmas. Isn’t this what the Nazis did.. “ho ho ho what war on Jews? We uh no wage war against Jews nor Homosexuals.” The truth is when a group leads a war against another group they’ll always do their best to hide it and hide the fact that they are the aggressors. Anyone with a brain knows America has been corrupted into an Anti-Christian and Anit-patriotic state. Just google “Christmas atheist sues”. I often make the joke Christmas is the time of giving and a person  giving a chistian a subpoena for an Atheistic law suit is no exception.

Heres the clip with O’Donnell proclaiming how evil christians are and how innocent Athiests are:

Since first reviewing O’Donnels indignation toward creating false wars, TART had decided to create this youtube video depicting his hypocrisy:

Let us be shy no longer,

Milton L. Jefferson


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