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The government can, Private companies cannot or else it means war

Last night my lovely fiancee and I were talking about our insurance coverage. Then I started thinking about how people complained because private insurances charge women higher rates than men and how that was a “war on women”.

Yet when the government (senate finance committee’s) proposed taxing medical devices to raise 40 billion dollars in “revenue” and listing tampons and breast pumps as one of the said medical devices to be taxed, no one shouted war on women/moms.

What about auto insuran…ces charging higher rates for men, is that a war on men?

Or when auto insurances charge higher rates for red cars, is that a war on red?

When insurances charge higher rates for fat people aka hi bp people, is that a war on fat people?

When insurances charge higher rates for people who smoke once every 3 months aka 4 times a year aka 320 instances in an 80 year lifetime, is that a war on people who smoke?

Yet when government taxes a 16oz soda drink? Its ok. Its not a war on fat people.

When the government taxes tobacco and alcohol? Its ok its not a war on people who celebrate graduations or the birth of their baby boy.

I mean honestly i get why insurances do it there are statistics involved. They have to insure that they can pay out and yet continue covering their other customers.

But what i dont get is how the government can take a “flat rate” standard potion of a persons income for “social security insurance” or “disability insurance” regardless as to whether the person smokes, drinks, or eats like a glutton. Maybe thats why those programs are failing because they were designed as though people are entitled to them no matter what they do nor what they bring upon themselves.

So why charge people the same “common” “fair” ssi and disability insurance rates from their pay checks but yet turn around and tax them differently when it comes to funding the salaries of politicians? why?
Its just a thought im currently pondering.

Oh and as for the next first lady, i hope the cause she takes up isn’t telling “educating” parents what to feed their kids but rarher telling parents how to budget their money, how to save forĀ  a rainy day, what fund will work best to put their children through college and most of all when it comes time to choose between an iPhone 5/ps3/xbox/etc v.s. new school clothes for their kids i hope she will “educate” parents on which one to choose….that is all for now.

By: Milton L. Jefferson

“Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.” Benjamin Franklin