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New Battle Cry Should be: Fiscal Cliff = Clinton Era!!!

First: What is the Fiscal Cliff?

There has been a LOT of chatter and news regarding the “Fiscal Cliff” which I think is receiving almost as much attention as the 2012 election; but what is this cliff? In investigating this I first decided to seek information from a neutral fact based source. Here is the site where I accessed the information:


My Thoughts: After reviewing the information from the site, it seems the fiscal cliff is essentially a laundry list of tax cuts which will expire unless action is taken.

Second, What say the Politicians?

In looking for the truth I find it best to seek mutiple sources of info from multiple spectrum’s  So I asked my elected officials about it. In my case I live in Florida so here are the names of the officials I asked as well as what they said and my thoughts:


Marco Rubio: “In regard to the state of our nation’s economy, our nation’s spending habits, sequestration, and the fiscal cliff.”

“Sequestration and all the tax law that expires at the end of 2012 will lead to what many experts are referring to as the fiscal cliff or “Taxmaggedon.” The poor policy choices of Congress could force our already fragile economy deeper into chaos. I’m particularly concerned that the fiscal cliff will bring the U.S. economy into a double-dip recession.”

My Thoughts: So experts are saying this cliff leads to bad things? Hmmm Taxmagedon sounds like a much more appropriate name.


Bill Nelson: “about the so-called “fiscal cliff,” a number of spending cuts and tax increases scheduled to take effect on January 2, 2013 unless Congress changes the law.”

“These provisions include an across-the-board increase in income tax rates, a 10 percent reduction in the defense budget, an 8 percent reduction in funding for many domestic programs, and a 27 percent drop in reimbursement rates for Medicare doctors.  Failure to deal with these looming tax increases and spending cuts could push the U.S. economy back into recession.”

“I support extending the Bush tax cuts for middle-class families while allowing them to expire for upper-income taxpayers.”

My Thoughts: “About the so-called fiscal cliff, so if politicians didn’t coin this name who did? So basically this is a reset which equals spending cuts and tax increases sounds like what it takes to get the books balanced.  Why only let the upper guys go off the cliff, if the cliff is good enough for them why isn’t it good enough for everyone? After all I thought his ad said he was fighting for ALL of Floridas FAMILIES. Why then would he only allow SOME FAMILES to go off this cliff?

I also asked:


John Boehner:

“About the so-called fiscal cliff, the combination of automatic defense cuts and tax rate increases that’s just weeks away from taking effect. The fiscal cliff threatens our economy and our national security, and I’m committed to working with both parties to stop it.”

He stated he intended to stop it by, “Stopping all tax rate hikes”, “Reforming our tax code”, “Cutting spending & saving our entitlement programs”, and “Protecting our troops”.

My Thoughts: “About the so-called fiscal cliff”, wow you sound just like Bill Nelson. Hes committed to stopping the fiscal cliff but at what cost of compromise. Saving entitlement programs will help stop the Fiscal cliff? What?


I find term Fiscal Cliff to be a scare tactic/term. Really from all the info that I’ve gathered, the fiscal cliff is basically a reset on the BUSH/OBAMA eras which means with all the Bush/Obama policies gone we will basically be living in the Clinton era again? Funny thing, Doesn’t Obama and other Dems always speak highly of the Clinton era? Hasn’t Obama said he wants to go back and do like Clinton did. Well wouldn’t the “Fiscal Cliff” grant the president his wish? I think we should be calling this “The return to the Clinton era” not the “Fiscal Cliff”, calling it a cliff makes me think of the Coyote cartoon.

I say let us go off the cliff TOGETHER. Don’t just throw the upper class Coyotes of the cliff while allowing the middle class road runners to stay behind. I have heard Dems bahing republicans for refusing to throw just the coyote off this cliff. So it seems to me that on this one I side with republicans. Throw both of them off or neither of them. Most of all I think when the Dems and media begin to use this cliff term to try and bully republicans into slitting the throats of coyote families across America, the republicans should fight back and say “Whys it so bad for the middle class to go back to the tax policies of the CLINTON ERA?”  I think if you start phrasing the cliff like that this attempt to paint GOPs as the bad guys will fall on its face. Now I’m not saying I’m for going off the cliff no matter what. I am saying that what ever happens we can’t allow some American families to be treated differently based on their salaries or social status. After all a great man once had a dream where America let go of all prejudices and only judged people based on their character, not based on race, creed, nationality, political party, NOR SALARY!!!!! The Equality MLK referred to wasn’t meant as everyone is equal, it meant everyone should be treated equally. Don’t help man because hes homeless, then turn around and not help a man because he makes over $250,000 dollars a year. If your going to render assistance render assistance to everyone who asked for it or don’t render it to any one.

This has been Milton L. Jefferson reminding you to

Stay consistent my friends!!!


Update 12/04/2012:

I found this video of Obama saying let the high end middle class go off the cliff or in other words let the wealthy be the only ones to go back to Clinton era rates. But didn’t everyone in the Clinton era pay those rates regardless of salary/income. So really this would be a new socialistic take on the Clinton era, Obama gets his way in regards to the fiscal cliff negotiations. Below is the video:


You Can’t Take It With You, So Why Not Build An Ark?


You Can’t Take it with you:

In writing this I’m reminded of an old short story:

[Bryan, had worked all of his life and had saved all of his money.

He was a real miser when it came to his finances. Bryan loved money more than just about anything, and just before he died, he said to his wife, Emma, ‘Now listen, Emm, when I die, I want you to take all my money and place it in the casket with me. I want to take my money to the afterlife.’

So he demanded that Emma promised him with all her heart that when he died, she would put all the money in the casket with him.

Well, of course, one day he died. Bryan was stretched out in the casket, Emma was sitting there in black next to her closest friend. When they finished the ceremony, just before the undertakers got ready to close the casket, the wife said, ‘Wait just a minute.’

Emma had a shoe box with her, she came over with the box and placed it in the casket. Then the undertakers locked the casket down and rolled it away.

Her friend said, ‘I hope you weren’t crazy enough to put all that money in the casket, Emma?’

She replied with a twinkle in her eye, ‘Yes, I promised. I’m a good Christian, I can’t lie. I promised him that I was going to put that money in that casket with him.’

‘You mean to tell me you put every cent of his money in the casket with him?’ spluttered the friend.

‘I sure did,’ said Emma. ‘I got it all together, put it into my account and I wrote him a check.]

Fiction and Reality Merge:

The Moral of the story, “You can’t take it with you the Greedy and the corrupt will always find a way to get THEIR fair share of your EARNINGS.” Kind of sounds like a campaign the current president ran on doesn’t it? Well folks with the impending tax increases whether from the fiscal cliff or the current president, it seems the only way you can escape them is to spend your money. Because even if the U.S. government doesn’t get your money from these taxes, they get your money after your death with their “Estate Tax”. Those who believe the estate tax doesn’t affect the middle class citizen because Obama says so, they just don’t know the truth. If a person wants to leave their car to their children or grandchildren after they die then that “transaction” will be taxed.

No my friends with this money hungry and tax driven government there is one certianty you can’t have what you earned. With these facts in mind I suggest build an Ark Like this gentleman who built a doomsday proof ark. I might suggest that instead of building a mere doomsday proof ark, build a doomsday, government, and community proof shelter. Hmmm almost like a “Taxmagedan Tax shelter”.

A Government big enough to give you everything, is big enough to take everything from you,

Milton L. Jefferson



Presidential Trivia: Quiz #2

Here is Quiz #2 in the TART series presidential Trivia.

The Topic: Religion

The Contenders: Lincoln, Kennedy, Washington, and Obama



Introducing: Presidential Trivia

With Presidential trivia you can show your kids and family members, the difference in what really makes a leader. As President Obamas words are consistently out shined by those of previous Presidents.

Don’t Ask….Act…..Action will delineate and define you,

Milton L. Jefferson

Reasons why I’m voting Romney/Ryan: #2 Free market/energy

  1. Free market/energy: Under this administration the free market is slowly losing its freedom. Government had forced Auto-companies to take bailout money and even went as far as to buy out GM. How does GM repay the taxpayers for their bailout dollars? GM ceo recently announced at an auto show in china that GM makes 7 out of every 10 cars in china. More to the point, for those of us American Taxpayers who have bought GM stock for ourselves, we will be forced to go to the end of the line should the gov cash in their GM stock because their stock certificates is a different class and has more privilege than that of GM employee.


President Obama has traded in the color of the hard working BLUE collar American for the color GREEN. He announced early in his presidency that his intent was to invest $150 billion in green jobs. Where are those jobs now? The president gave tax incentives for those Americans who would purchase green cars, aka trying to override competition within the free market. What competes with green cars in the market? Gas guzzling SUVs and Trucks. So here Obama tried to weed out trucks from the market and at the same time tried to help the GREEN cars win the market competition. He didn’t stop there he also pushed to take out the old form of light bulbs to a new Green light bulb aka a more expensive dangerous mercury filled light build which doesn’t even last as long and isn’t as bright as the old competitors but those things didn’t stop the dem congress from pushing to give gov money to the GREEN bulb makers.


Quite possibly the biggest slap in Americas face was Obamas choice of GREEN over the American middle class needs. What do you mean? What needs? Oh I don’t know affordable energy aka affordable utility rates and affordable gas. Canada not long ago planned to pipe a vast amount of oil to the US if the US would pay for it and build the pipeline. This pipeline eventually became known as the keystone pipeline. Instead the president did not accept Canadas offer, Canada in turn sold it to china giving china another foothold in North America. Then theres the affordable utilities. Since coming into office the president has pushed for more emissions regulation via cap and trade. Before getting elected obama said under his plan of cap and trade “utility prices would necessarily skyrocket”….. let me repeat… “necessarily”…..”Skyrocket”. Can Middle class families really afford to have their utility bills “necessarily skyrocket” in this economy? This presidents policies of cap and trade has caused coal plants to close and become crippled; Again the president expected this when he said before being elected “under my policies you can open a coal plant if you want…its just in doing so you’ll go bankrupt.” Yes this is the president who is for domestic enrgy…hmmmmm

Reasons I’m voting Romney/Ryan: #1 Jobs

  1. Jobs:  Staples, Sports Authority, Home Depot, Best Buy and Lockheed/Martin; What is their connection with jobs and this election? Throughout this election the MSNBC and Democrats have painted a picture of Romney being an evil villain who has led his evil corporation “Bain capitol” in a war against jobs.  The fact is Staples and Sports Authority founders have came out in support of Romney because without Bain capitol they would not exist. I am in a similar mind frame I support Romney because I owe my first paid job to Bain; that job was a sales associate at home depot. Home Depot was also helped by Bain and look all three are still standing in this bad economy in spite of the presidents policies. Where does BestBuy and Lockheed/martin fit in? After 3 ears of this recession and this presidents policies both companies have had to lay off employees; Best Buy has even had to close stores.


Now sure there are still jobs being created and unemployment is going down. What kinds of jobs have been created? Nearly 40 percent of the jobs gained since the recovery began — about 1.7 million —  have come from three low-wage sectors: food services, retail, and employment services (the latter is a sweeping category encompassing jobs like office clerks and sales representatives). AKA low wage jobs AND Part time jobs. Why part time, because under Obamacare if businesses hire full time employees then they’re on the hook to pay more money to employees insurance.

Why is unemployment going down? According to Ben Bernanke (The chairman of the Federal Reserve) says its due to a lack of participation. Lack of participation means no one is looking for jobs any more they’ve given up and have become discouraged. Unemployed persons who stop looking for jobs and are discouraged are not counted toward the unemployment number, so if all unemployed Americans just stop looking for work, then unemployment would be “0”.

Donald Trump: “An Offer Obama Can’t Refuse”!!


Recently, Mr. Trump has published an offer to POTUS, Tump has called it “an offer he can’t refuse”. Does this sound “Mafia like” to anyone? Well it may then again it may not after you hear the offer: [Trump will give $5 million to the charity of the presidents choosing if the president were to release his college transcripts.] Really, Trump thats your, “big offer which POTUS can’t refuse”?

Now this does cause me concern as I am someone who is an outspoken critic of our current presidents beliefs/policies. How then is this bad for someone like myself? The biggest reason is Public Opinion. Public opinion is the game changer of this election. Take for instance past presidential races, no sitting president has ever won re-election with an approval rating under 50%. President Obama is on that mark and he is delicately trying to balance himself so as to prevent it from getting lower. Romney has also encountered the fast paced ever changing public opinion, after his first debate; Man, that one was a blow out. Why di the public opinion shift so quickly, because up until that point no one had ever see Mitt Romney unless he were in an Obama ad getting hammered or in a speech excerpt clip being replayed over the mass media, so the public only knew him as an evil rich white man waging a war against illegals, blacks, and women. Then they saw how authoritative he looked and how concerned for the country he really is. How could so much be undone so quickly in one debate as to shift public opinion in Romneys favor by upwards of 7 points in some polls? Up until this point the president, congress  and even Obamacare has wedged a division across the country and where there is division there to must also be competition; therefore like with American idol or any other mainstream competition all the rip van winkles “tuned in” to “get caught up” so afterward they could  “vote” and have their voice heard in all of their friends FB/Twitter conversations. So you see the key ingredients are competition, TV, FB, and Twitter.

With everyone so tuned in now, the Donald Trump announcement will be like a special performer or guest appearing on American idol, to wear all those “tuned in” will be watching breathlessly to see the action unfold. Theres the problem the donald didn’t really deliver any action, nor did he shake things up. People will not only be angry at the wasted attention they gave to Trump, they’ll also be turned off by the attitude Trump had when he was publishing the video and they will be turned off by the fact that the college transcripts are sooo minute in this election especially when you consider the big hitters: Obamacare, you didn’t build that, the 47%, the libya protests/terrorist attacks, and the vp debates. So again their turned of by, Trump how is bad news for someone like myself? Picture the Rip Van Winkles as the Snooki type from Jersey shore, except now shes angry and their are thousands of her, so now theres a big angry mob of snooki’s, and who is this mob going to take their frustrations out on? Donald? How? What can they do to make him pay? Nothing except not vote for the guy which Trump himself has endorsed. Yes this is the million dollar answer, Trumps video will hurt Romney.

How much will it hurt Romney in votes, pins, polls? I don’t know. Will it be enough to send this election 100% in Obamas favor? No, but what it will do is slam the brakes on Romneys momentum bringing it to a sudden stop and wherever that momentum stops….I believe that is where this election will end. Could I be overestimating the number of Rip Van Winkles? Am I exaggerating in regards to their emotions and stupidity? Yes not all Rip Van Winkles are Snookis. the Rip Van Winkles that only tuned in to the news or politics so they could get caught up on the debates, those are the ones who are mostly the Snooki type. How many of those are out there? I don’t know, I think its somewhere around 5 million people, really its just my opinion this video will not help Romney in any way, it an opinion and nothing more.


By: Milton Jefferson

Co-founder of TART